YZ pipe for my WR

Iv'e seen post's regarding the use of the YZ pipe on the WR. Well, I've taken so much valuable info. from this forum - I thought maybe I should pony up and give something back.

Scored a used 03 YZ pipe from a member here at TT. Purchased the Dr. D S/A as well as their quiet core and bolt kit to mate the YZ pipe up to the WR. So, I'm into all the parts for less than $250. BTW, the bolt kit isn't really necessary ($13) all you really need is a longer 8mm bolt for the back mount. The stock WR pipe weigh's 8.4 lb and the YZ with the added S/A weigh's in at 5.7 lb.

Very noticable difference in sound as well as performance-sweet.

I'l get some db readings and post them up. I know alot of TT'rs swear by the PMB, but it just didn't do anything for me-with all those visible holes in the insert. Anyway, to each his own. :banghead:

Fit and overall ease of installation, on a scale of 1-10 this mod get's a 10. Excellent instructions with detailed photo's. Packaging and service (ordered on wednesday-recv'd friday) get a 10 as well.


YZ can with the cap removed

Dr. D S/A component's

Dr. D endcap with the packing in

Done & doner

Side view

That's looks nice! Did you need to re-jet? What size did you go to?

That's looks nice! Did you need to re-jet? What size did you go to?

If you go HERE

you can see what I have been dealing with.

Thanks for the props. :banghead:

Nice work I am running a YZ pipe on my 02 WR426 (had to Canadian pipe) I am very happy with the performance but it is too loud (I like the sound but nobody elese does) I have been getting away with it in the low desert and the street ( Harleys are way louder) but i fear that one ticket woud buy a new pipe. I am curious about the sound readings Please let us know It may be a better option for me than buying a Q2

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