'03 450F lower end needs help

I'm told by my friendly local Yamaha dealer that I need lower end bearings and possibly a crank for my '03 450F. After a $250 inspection fee, they said it would be nearly $2500 to fix the lower end. Is this a normal fee, or is this ridiculous? Does anyone know of a mechanic other than OEM who could fix this for less? I live in the Sacramento area.

it cost me £390 for a new crank bearing and labour so i think he is ripping u off big time it would be easer 2 buy a new bike lol :banghead:

Seems high to me.

Thats robbery. Crank is about $300 and bearings will be a few hundred, so they're quoting you for about $1700 labor. Walk away....

Whats wrong with the bike? Why did you take it in?

That's way to high

250 for an inspection ouch!

I would invest in some tools and do it yourself before you know it you'll be helping other people change there cranks.

even if the cases were trashed it would not be that much I would say $600.00 for the 4 speed $300.00 for cases $ 250.00 to the mechanic and thats ALL :banghead::banghead::lol::lol::lol::busted::busted:

A new top end was put in it, and I raced three days at Washougal during the amateur days before the National (and it ran perfect.) Got back home and rode it, and it died on the track. I got it re-started and rode back to the pits. I went out again and rode a few laps, then it died again, like it was starving for fuel. It wouldn't re-start. The piston would go through its stroke, but had a funny exhaust note, and wouldn't start. It backfired a few times as well.

I dropped it off at a Yamaha shop, which quoted me three hours for a leak down inspection, compression check, and something else. Then they call and say they got it started, but it had a loud knock in the lower end. I asked roughly how much to replace any damaged parts. They said bearings and crank probably need replacing, and said approximately $2500. I told them I'd be picking the bike up right away. I may not be a motor expert, but I'm not stupid either.

Maybe they're talking about replacing it with a new factory motor for that price? haha

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