something i can be proud of

Look at my Garage. Worth the look. I finally finished everything on it. Im loving it, I think it looks better then when it first came home.

That is sweet! :banghead: What does it cost to switch everything to black like that?

Man, that YZ is bad. I've got black plastics but those black excels make me green with envy. I think I might actually hate :banghead:

whats with your shrouds, they have scoops on them. do you make them?

A rotor like mine would look great on your bike (and work very well w/stainless line and hh pads) :banghead:

Hey how do you like those bars? I talked to a couple of guys at our dez race last weekend that loved them. The said they felt a little strange at first but now swear by them.

nice looking bike man. I like the black on black

:banghead: Definately one of the best looking YZs I've seen.

If you are in to black it looks great! Where's Darth Vader???? :banghead:

Im leaving the bike without graphics, i like the way it looks without them. The "scoops" are a thing called an Air Tract System that Lightspeed Racing makes. It helps cooling those nice Fluidyne Radiators that are on my bike. As for the bars, I wouldnt pay 270 for another pair but if they were 200, I'd be first in line for a new pair. The bike is really good, Just pulls and pulls and pulls, no flat spots anywhere except for maby when it gets within 200rpm of the rev limit. Thanks for the compliments, glad to see no one flaming me on this project compared to when i had a red frame with blue plastics lol. To be honest, i like the way it looks now better then when it came home for the first time.

What does it cost to get the black plastic, and where did you find all the peices?

Very nice. That black is bad A$$!

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