redrock campground tonite! ride in the morning.

Will be at redrock campground tonite.

And 9:00am morning start. try to do a hundred or so miles..

Hey Scott,

I just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent ride you took me on bro. Even though it was hot as hell, and I puked my guts out after the ride, I still had fun and would do it all over again. I want to say a special thanks to Jay who took care of me while I was delirious from heat exhaustion, and Eric for taking so much $hit off me 'cause he rides a DRZ, and Ernie and Mario for keeping me laughing throughout the day even when there wasn’t anything to laugh about.

Dan if you read this, these group of riders are doing the same kind of rides that we do and are excellent riders. We all need to hook up one of these days and do another death march.

Peace out my brothers



It was nice riding with you dispite the friut salad thing,the flat tires,the bike off the cliff, the riding of the drz guys bikes for them and oh yea,the f#%*ing heat!:eek; I still haven't heard from sonny or howard? I hope they made it back ok?

Thanks again for the hospitality and the margaritas! I think we will be riding again on sunday, if your not busy lets go...

Just to let everyone know. Sonny and I made it back to the trucks ok. The thermometer in my truck said 117 around 2:30pm. Sorry I hit the wall with the heat and had to bail. Sonny was my savour, sticking with me the entire time. Talked to Scott and he told me "the rest of the story". Sounds like I got off easy. Sounds like it could have gotten serious. Anyway, had a great time with Scott, Sonny, Eric, Ernie, Mario, Jay and Mark. Thanks for the invite but next time, let's keep it under 100 degrees.


Going again Sunday? I'm in. I'll just bring double the water this time. Glad to hear Sonny and Howard made it back okay. Keep us posted about the ride.


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