Dr.D for YZ426F?

Has anyone here tried the Dr. D full race system on their 426. I'm looking at getting a 426 next season and I want the best system for the best price.

I have the DR.D full step system on my 2000 426, and i love it. it added a ton of power and screams through out the range

step up to the 450. do the suspension before the exhaust. But if you want the best exhaust get a WB Carbon or Aluminum Race Pro

did you run the spark arrestor system or the full race system on your 426?

I've got the full FMF Titanium-4-system on my '01 and it made a HUGE difference over stock...

I have it on my 2000 426 and absolutely love it!

I STRONGLY, I REPEAT STRONGLY, suggest a Jardine Rt-4, I have one on my 2000 426 and it totally transformed my bike. Everyone who has ridden it agrees, it is the pipe to get!

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