86 xr 600 cam tensioner

hi, my camchain snapped recently, i just got the parts together to do a rebuild, motor is mostly back together now but.... :banghead: . the cam chain tensioner only rotates in one direction (increasing tension) is this right ?, or is this why the cam chain snapped in the first place ?, seems weird but there is no play or noises in the tensioner bearing just only rotates one way, no mention of this in my workshop manual, anyone know anything about this, thanks

Yes it only rotates to tighten the chain. The thing you call a bearing is a oneway clutch. The spring is to set the tention and the oneway clutch is to hold it. If these are not working properly the chain will flop around and make noise and could break something. If you broke a chain to begin with you may want to replace the spring and tensioner.


thanks ken, all good, finnished the motor this morning, been riding all day,no noises, no dramas :banghead:

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