'98 wr400

I've read hours of threads and can't find any that tackle the AP squirt issue on a '98 WR400. Is there any way to adjust the squirt on this carb???? As far as I know there is no leak jet and I can't do the BK mod so what's left??? just good old fashion jetting and if so were do I start. I just pulled the carb tonight it has all the stock jets and setting however the off idle flame-out is killing me. I'm in Minnesota and the temp I noticed the prob. in was about 65-70 degrees and I would guess 70% humidity because it was overcased and had rained earlier in the day. My mods are FMF Q exhaust (no header) cut out snorkal, and twin air filter, and that's it. The bike seems to run great everywhere but just off idle in the slow technical sections. I have a Zyp-ty fuel screw coming and know I need to bump up the throttle a little and I'm thinking I need to go richer on the pj but would like feedback.

Thanks in advance

search for taffy mod. this mod applies to 98 wr400f squirt pump

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