Doh managed to superglue my throttle together

Hi people i guess i shouldant be writting this post as it may give you the impression that im a bit of a :banghead: , But i thought it was funny so i thought i would share it..

I went down tot he local bike dealer yesterday and brought my self a nice new pair of grips, I took the old ones off and went to put the new ones on but the glue they supplied with the grips had dried up so me being extreamly impatient i thougth if use superglue.. I know

Well as i pushed the grip onto the throttle i didant notice but the super glue managed to squish its way into my throttle slide and when i pushed the grip further up is squished its self into the throttle cable caseing..

Well as a result of this i ended up stripping the whole lot down and cleaned up all of the glue and regreased everything, So i wont me aking that mistake again, I guess the moral of this story is that if you need anything doing to your bike dont let me anywhere near it.. :banghead:

It takes a big man to laugh at himself.........but an even bigger man to laugh at THAT man!!


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