Attention AZ riders


I am looking for information about riding areas in AZ. I won a trip to some resort in AZ, Biltmore I think is the name. It has all kinds of ammenities and crap I could care less about like golf and spas horseback riding. Thinking of air-freighting my 01 WR out there if there is any riding close by. I have always wanted to ride in the desert areas, only knowing riding from the Eastern woods and trails perspective.

Any thoughts from local Arizona riders who know the area would be appreciated.



Hello GB-

The Biltmore is right in the heart of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Is the WR street legal?? There is some fun desert single track north of Scottsdale. I'm a few hours away from Phx. Go to the board and look up "Singletracker 500." I think he's a moderator on that board. He lives in Sun City, Az. (Northwest Phx). Maybe he could hook you up with some fun riding for a few days. Certainly beats golf.


Can't tell you much about AZ--I'd like to do some riding there myself--however, if you're interested in great desert-riding, come out and ride with Utah Motorcycle Adventures at Moab and the San Raphael Swell. You'll love it! We have WR400's to ride too!


goatbelly, e-mail me w/dates you're out here in AZ. i'm at or

i'm on a '00 WR & my 2 riding buddies are XR400 & KTM respectively. contact me & we'll get some arizona dust on you in a hurry. everyday out here is good riding day! bobwombat

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