difference 450/650

Im planning on getting a xr650r but do you think the 650 has to much power for me?.I ride a yz450 and a crf450x but whats the big difference between a yz450 and a xr650r?.Do you think I can handle the 650?.Is the weight of the 650 an issue when your riding it?.I ride in baja almost every weekend, people say that the 650 is the best for baja.


I have 2001 xr650r that is uncorked, piped, and hot cammed. I am 5'9 and weigh about 165. I have ridden a crf 450, and they are alot easier to manuver in tight stuff and mx, but i wouldnt trade my xr for one. I like the headlight, kickstand and reliability of the xr. a wr450f with a headlight and all the fun stuff is only about 33 lbs lighter. For the ridding I do ( hills, backroads, wide open desert, long trips ) I love my xr!! :banghead:

Thanks maddmickey but do you think i can handle the xr650r power,You know what i mean is it a big difference in power between a 450 and a 650.


if you have the expierance, u can handle just about anything. how tall r u, how much u weigh, and how strong r u?

The 450's hit harder than the 650. The 650 is very smooth, but very heavy. I love my 650 for the desert. I liked my 450 for everything else.

yeah.....450 is a lot easier to ride in my oppinion. the 650 is just to heavy.

I don't have a playground like Baja around but if I did there would be only one bike for it, 650r. I have one and love it. I have ridden 450s in the terrain I have around here and they're a lot of fun but the 650 is definitely a bigger hit in the back side. Nothing you can't handle though. It is heavier but hides it well. The more open the terrain the better it shines and the less the weight is an issue. For the ridding you disscribed (Baja) I can't think of one thing the 450's have over the R.

I ride a yz450 and a crf450x but whats the big difference between a yz450 and a xr650r

Yikes! What's the difference between the YZ450 and an R1?

Totally different types of machines in completely different displacement categories. The WR450 is perhaps a closer comparison to the XR, but they still really don't compete with reach other if you know what you want.

Ok guys i think im getting the 650 and keeping the crf450x just in case.


Don't worry about the 650R being to much power for you to handle. I have both a 450X and a 650R. The 650 is all about smooth torque and lots of it. It is easy to control but it will rip if you want it to. The 450 does hit harder, but produces alot of wheel spin that at times requires you to stay on your toes. The 650 is a cadillac in comparision and for faster roads/trails cannot be beat.

I had a yz450f last year, i changed the gearing with white bros it was even taller than the wr, but i went through two engines in one year only because the bike is ment for the track and thats it! now i have my 650r set up a little and i would never go back

Power wise I think everyone has summed it up. The 650R has more, but it's smoother. The 650R can run at high speeds all day that would have any 450 screeming and vibrating.

Get the 650R and leave bruises on your buddies chests. Nothing you can't handle. Pump some iron and the 650 will be fun!

Are you riding MX? The YZ-450 is a better motocross bike!

Your 450X is a much better choice for all round off-road riding while the 650R will reliably inhale open country like nothing else?

You can handle the power, the power seemed to be about the same. But on a lighter bike its quicker. Im a small guy, and when i first got my pig it left me sore after riding. Now im used to it and have no problem. What better way to get in shape!! :banghead:

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