Front wheel speedometer unit broke, what now?

My speedometer stopped working today after filling up at a gas station. I noticed a clicking noise coming from the front wheel. There is a screw that holds the speedo cable's rubber boot to the front wheels housing, the plastic around that screw is cracked. I think because of the crack, the screw isn't holding the cable in snug enough and instead of turning the cable, the tab in the housing is moving and clicking the cable's tab where they're supposed to engage.

I know the cable is working cause I unplugged it from the speedometer/instrument cluster and it moves when i manually turn from the other end. It's possible the instrument cluster is broken, but I doubt it seeing as there is a clicking noise and a crack in that piece of plastic.

So...ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THAT PART? The one that is part of the front wheel and connects to the speedo cable? Now I don't know when I should fill up.


try ebay

Stockers motorcycle salvage in SD may have used one, or dealer for new.


hit reserve, fill up ! :banghead: They've got all the OEM stuff, good schematics & quick shipping. Heck, I got an o-ring set for my WRF petcock in about 3 days. I don't think even any dealer could match that timeframe.

That part is $67.93, if you buy me a $20 speedodrive eliminator you can have mine. I run the 17mm axle so it should fit your bike.

finger in the wind do you actually use that thing?


94XR650LaJolla's speedometer works now and I have the speedo eliminator. :banghead:

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