2006 WR450F AIS removal and rerouting the Engine Breather Hose

I sold my 2003 WR450F this past week and now I have a 2006 WR450F in the garage. I haven't ridden the new bike yet, I am waiting for the GYT-R AIS Removal Kit to arrive. I have been looking the bike over and asking questions of my friends who own 2005 WR450F's, concerning removing the AIS. One suggestion that I have received is, since the AIS will be removed from the bike, disconnect the Engine Breather Hose from its fitting at the bottom of the airbox and reconnect it to the now unused AIS hose fitting located on the top of the airbox intake duct. This will mount the hose higher in the airbox and help to prevent water from flowing into the Engine Breather Hose during cleaning or crossing streams. Has anyone done this? What's your opinion of this mod? Looks like it is tough to reach the AIS fitting, even with the tank off the bike. Do you have to remove the rear sub-frame to have enough access to disconnect the AIS hose from its fitting?

Also, the drain fitting in the bottom of the airbox has a piece of clear plastic tubing connected to it that has been heat sealed--- no way water is going to drain out of the airbox. What has anyone done to open the drain---take the piece of plastic hose off, cut off the hose at the heat seal, remove the sealed plastic hose and replace it with another piece of hose???? One answer to the question of a drain in the bottom of the airbox could be answered if I do reroute the Engine Breather Hose. The water could now drain out the open Engine Breather Hose attach fitting that remained in the bottom of the airbox. :banghead:

Use the airbox drain hose and clamp from an XR650. It has small holes for draining water or just cut a small 45 degree angle off of the clear hose.

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