starting a 426 w/ a hotcam

hey I am gettin ready to go check out a used yz426 w/ a hotcam tomorrow. it has a hotcam. The bike I had didn't have one (just got stolen). Is there anything I need to know about starting the bike before I get there (2 hr travel trip)???? Does a hotcam mean I need to find topdead before I kick it thru??? The people I am buying from don't have alot experience w/ 4 stroke hi-comp bikes ?? So I know that 4 strokes on a good day can be a challenge to start.

So the bottom line is can I kick a 4 stroke 426 thru just like a ole 2 stroke or do I have to spend a hour with thumper starting (in case it doesn't start right up)

Thanks for any help :banghead::banghead::lol:

just kick. no need to find TDC with the decomp cam installed.

It should be quite a bit easier to start than what your used to. Good luck!!

thanks bro, i just wanna ride, vrooooom pop pop

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