Blue tires? I went to go wash my bike today after a hard ride yesterday, and I looked at my new Maxxis IT back tire, and it was sky blue. Does anybody know what that means, or what causes it? I'm just curious. I've been riding for about 8 years and I've never seen that before.

ive seen that before too.i thought it was the clay type soil we rode not exactly sure though.

That is called Blue Grove. Blue Grove is usually a terrain is so hard that the tire gets super hot and changes blue.

That makes since. The track I ride at is the hardest dirt I've ever seen on a track. I just got the tire and I've put about 4 hours of track time in and the knobs are already rounded off. I read something about tire pressure needing to be like 10-12 psi in the rear for terrain that hard. I've been running like 16 which means when it heats up it's like 20. What temps would the tire be hitting for it to turn that light of a blue.

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