what the hell does this bolt do? mine fell out on a trail ride a while back and it has worked just fine ever since.


From what I think I'm looking at, that is the bolt that hold the kick stand on. The only thing holding it on now is your spring. Replace ASAP.

that was my first thought, it holds it on but it has been like that for a couple week and it seems sturdy as its ever been. i mean i have realy tuged on it and it hasnt budged.....and its been ridden about 100 miles like that with no problems to report.

It may never fall out of the bracket but why chance it, bolts are cheap. You may come back from a ride to find it gone or come out to your drive way to find the bike laying on the ground.

true.....i think dad wold be pretty pissed if he found the xr layin on this.


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