Some guidence please....

Hi there. This is my first post in this forum do to the fact that I never had a reason to...anyways now I do :lol:

I want all of your opinion if you dont mind and a little of your knowledge...Im looking to get either a wr426 or 450. I have some ?'s but first a little background

Im 16 yrs old and have only been riding for about 2 yrs. My first dirtbike ever is my 1997 dr350se that I still have now. I've learned how to ride on this bike from mud to rocks and even some jumps now and again. But now Im to the point that the power is boring and the suspension is not able to handle the speed that Ive gained from experience. It doesnt inspire too much confidence in my anymore because I'm afraid that the suspension cant handle it or will not do what I expect it to. I mean I can ride it hard and keep up with my one buddy on his crf450 on the trails but I take a real beating. THe bike is a tractor...thats the best way to describe it. Its taken me anywhere I had the balls to go but is just a freaking lead weight. Anyways I feel that its time for me to upgrade.

At first I wanted a drz400 and Ive road one since and wus impressed by the power but I figured after a few months Id want more power and better suspension so I just figured get the goood stuff first time around and Ill be all set :banghead: After I road that drz I took my buddies crf450 for a run and I was hooked on the big bores. My bikes lucky to come up in 3rd...crf comes up in 5th no clutch :lol:

Anyways I want your this feesable for me to do?? Do you feel I would be better off going that route then doing the drz? To answer one of your ?'s yes I have self control and know when and when not to get on the throttle.

Just a few other ?'s...I like the idea of a dual sport but not an actual road goer, just legal enough to ride from trail to trail and not get :banghead: it possible on a wr426 without spending 400+ on a kit? Also what is the reliablility factor on one of these bikes? How much would I be looking to pay for an 01 or 02? If you dont mind the same ?'s apply to the 450 please.

This is coming out of my own wallet and I have enough but I just want to have your opinions. Thanks for listening and sry for the long post. :lol:

Well... All depends on what you are after in a bike.

A DRZ can be made to go quite hard and they are quite bullet proof.

You could buy a brand new one for what some second hand WR's go for.

WR's are more or a racing bike and the maintenance demands are a lot higher.

WR's will go faster, weigh less, handle better, and jump higher than a DRZ.

In the mean time, throw a 48 or a 50 sproket on the back of your DR350 and get some snap back in wour bike!!!!!!

Well have some good news and a little bad....

Tonight I went for a ride at the local bony dumps and ran into a guy on a 450 exc. Anyways my buddy I was with knew him and we started bsing you know. Well it happens that he just bought this ktm and is looking to sell his old bike...a 1998 wr400 :banghead: So I was like alright lets go see this thing.

We went over to his house and he took off the cover ( a blanket) and this thing looked ragged. He says that it only has like 2 rides on it since he had the valves ground and the seats recut so it should be in good shape as far as that goes. It has an FMF powercore slipon also. I can buy new plastics to dress her up so that no problem. It also has some other missing parts like the header gaurd and I think an engine gaurd on the left side of the bike cause there is a bolt there. Someone clear this up for me please??

There is only one BIG problem with this bike...the case has a pin hole in it and leaks oil. He said the chain jumped and hit the case and cracked it. He then told me that its a COMMOM PROBLEM ON THESE BIKES...I'm not sure on that but clear that up also. But heres the catch...his father is a master welder and will TIG it up this week so I can take it for a ride. Hes asking 2000 for it and I figure I can beat him down.

What do you think on this??

Unless he is nearly giving it away, I would pass. IMHO it sounds like it was rode hard and put away wet. There are other cherry bikes out there and you want to be riding not wrenching on stuff he broke.

Unless he is nearly giving it away, I would pass. IMHO it sounds like it was rode hard and put away wet. There are other cherry bikes out there and you want to be riding not wrenching on stuff he broke.

I concur!

Thats what I was thinking. THis thing was riden hard and put away wet. I got to thinking and figured its only 1 yr newer than wut I have so I think Ill hold out for an 01 or 02 426. THanks guys.

Stay clear! Bike is thrashed!

The later model the better. New is best!

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