Update on '04 Fork Conversion

I got out with the "new" forks today in the giant DG whoops at McCain Valley, and there is a very big difference between the '04 and the '03. They felt much plusher, much less harsh, and never came close to bottoming in spite of that. The damping seems much more sophisticated, and seemed to improve cornering traction at the front. Not Showas yet, but very impressive. :banghead:


Sounds like the $$$ and time invested were worth it.


Sounds like the $$$ and time invested were worth it.

It was, actually. As far as time, there really wasn't any spent. I put new seals in them as an excuse to look inside, and even with changing the stem, the whole thing was easier than falling out of a chair. They just bolted up in place of the old ones.

I did spend too much for the forks, but the kid got a good deal, and now that I've ridden it, I would pay $400 more for an '04 than an '03 just to get the forks. :banghead:

woudlnt it be cheaper to just revalve the 03 forks?

My '03's were revalved, but so were the '04's. Frankly, they aren't in the same league. No matter what you do to them, the '03's will still be a bumper fork. The '04 has a hydraulic progressive anti-bottoming system. It's just a whole lot more sophisticated.

hmmm interesting. I had problems with my 04 forks bottoming which I couldn't tune out without them becoming harsh. A revalve, new cylinder valves and a coating of forslyk (or whatever it's called) and they are unreal.

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