Checking compression on a 650r.

I was thinking of checking the compression of my BRP. No problems but wanted to see how it's doing. So how do I do this on the 650? Do I have to take off the mag. side cover and turn it over that way as to not have the auto decompression foul up the readings? What readings should a 650r in it's prime have? What #'s are acceptable and when is it time to worry? I may do a leak down test as well after. It runs great, I check and adjust the valves regularly and change the oil almost as often as I fill the gas tank. I just want to get an indication of it's general health.

Thanks guys

do u have a compression testor?

If you've got the stock manual all the specs should be in there. If I was at work I'd throw a link up for the online one...anyone got that link handy?

I downloaded the manual now thanks. And yes I the tool to check compression.

A better gauge of how it's doing would be a leak down test :banghead:

Ya I'm going to do that as well. Weather is starting to suck and I just can't leave the bike alone. :banghead: When it gets to bad to ride anymore I'm afraid I'll just have to spend money on aftermarket stuff to keep sane.

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