Where can you buy colored tires?

I saw a Honda in an issue of Dirt Rider sporting red tires. I was wondering who makes the tires and do they come in blue? I'm thinking they would look pretty sick on my WR.

Michelin makes them, not sure if they come in blue,yet. i went to the off-road expo yesterday and saw a booth with camouflage tires and other various colors, but i forgot the name, sorry.

i have the yellow starcross tires on my bike, and those tires are harder then heck to keep clean. My advise is stay with regular tires unless u have time to clean them non-stop.

i believe you're looking for these:


ive never used the dirt tires, but i used a set of their regular black slicks for a few trackdays on my streetbike, they held up pretty good.

tomahawk tire come in camo blue yellow green black orange

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