Aluminum framed WR450?

Hey everyone. I am looking to buy a 450 next year, (2007 actually) and am having a hard time deciding between and WR and a YZ. Most of the riding I will be doing will be WR work, but after riding a YZ with the heavier flywheel, it's making it a real tough decision. Do you guys think Yamaha will put the aluminum frame on the 2007 WRs?? If not maybe a CRF is the answer...

I pray each night and dream of an AL framed WR modeled after the 06 YZ.

WR's are heavy. The aluminum frame does not save any weight (a pound or two) on the YZ. It only improves handling.

To make things worse to choose between, the YZ's now have a 5 speed gear box.

Some questions you have to ask your self are what distances are you riding? Do you want to register you bike for the road? Do you want an 18" rear wheel for extra cushy on rocky / tree rooted ground?

The WR is a purpose built enduro machine. the YZ is a purpose track machine.

The WR should come out with the Aluminum frame 2007.

I would worry more about the suspension differecnes between the two in comparision to the type of riding you're going to be doing.

To me that always has a bigger impact on how fast I can ride, and how much fun I'm have verse the extra weight of the WR.

I think the aluminum frame saved quite a bit of weight. Since they were able to go to a heavier 5 speed gear box and still shed some overall pounds from the bike. I would imagine its about 8 - 10 pounds worth of savings but the YZ added weight with the addition of that 5th gear.

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