XR650R the final ride

Well I have a few pieces thanks to last weekend

Powder coated black swingarm very good condition

Powder coated black Frame foot peg bolt broke in the frame I am not fixing it

Complete motor HRC kit ported head lightened flywheel runs awesome

Rear linkage



Stock front brake

Rear brake with crf master cylinder

Stock foot pegs

Cdi and wiring harness

I will sell the motor with the frame and include a clean street legal MN title.

Dan V.

what are you wanting for the subframe?

I would like the rear rotor if you have it.

How many miles on the motor?

I rebuilt the motor last spring about 1000 miles since then. No rear rotor but I have a Blue Marchesini rear rim also 17x4.5 Along with another complete 2003

street legal XR650R that is a pretty trick supermoto.

Dan V.

What do you want for the motor, and would you be willing to ship?


does the motor run?....sounds like u took quite the spill.

I must of missed a post. What happened last weekend? How bad was it to part out a bike? :banghead:

Do you have the rear shock to sell?

Motor runs perfect I broke the rear bolt that holds on the right footpeg so I am getting rid of this bike and building up my spare frame and motor.

I am willing to ship I am not sure what the motor is worth.

I don't have a rear shock.

Dan V.

I broke the rear bolt that holds on the right footpeg so I am getting rid of this bike

why not just get the Kritter fix :banghead:

I'm not a huge fan of the blue wheels, but otherwise the bike looks sweet. Exhaust looks great.

Okay, would you sell the motor, cdi, wiring and carb and radiators (basically everything for the engine to run) ?? I am interested, and would like to know what you would take for it. Or maybe everything together?

Thanks, Steven

Interested in the swingarm, Airbox, crf rear master cylinder, and the CDI/Wiring Harness if it's uncut. PM me what you want for each.

BTW, I'm also interested in the tank and shrouds if your selling, but it sounds like your not. Where'd you pick those up? Thanks.

lots want the engine, so i'll help and buy the frame. if you need to keep the subframe , not a problem

sent off for frame. Dan's easy to deal with.

Just to let all know, I sent Dan $$ for the frame, it arrived as he said. great TT member , honest seller, thanks Dan.

What else you selling? any parts left?

I got a subframe rear brake front brake swingarm and linkage, and another XR.

Dan V.

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