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Spring replacement advice?

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I know this is for a smoker, but thought somebody might be able to help.

I just bought an '05 KX100. I am a 38 year old guy thats 5'6" and 155 lbs. Coming from a CRF230, this thing is feather light and FAST. I ride woods/trails, where some decent jumps have been built in.

Obviously, I am a little outside the expected weight range for this bike and need to modify the suspension. Regarding springs, race-tech's site says that the stockers are .29 forks and 4.7 shock. They recommend .33 and 5.4. Do these seem appropriate?

Also, I would like to avoid the cost/downtime of a revalve and replace springs only. Will spring replacement only be decent?

Thanks for any help you can give!!

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