Newbie lowering question

Being a newbie owner of a 99' YZ400F I need some help in reducing the preload on the rear shock to lower the bike a bit. I'm 5'7" and the bike is too tall for me.

I do mostly trail riding no MX very little jumping so not as worried about travel.

My question is how do I get a spanner wrench in to loosen the top spring nut. The lock nut was easy . . . one quick tap. Do I have to take the air box assembly out to access the spring or what. I have the bike raised so there is no pressure on the spring but short of using a long screw driver and hammer to back the nut off, I'm looking for suggestion.

Thanks in advance . . . This forum has been very helpful in the past.

Do a search, there a few post with the subject.

Here is one link

Here is a lowering link for YZ's, it says it's not intended for competition but it might be right for you. Click here

Thanks guys . . . I did call Mountain Motor Sports (the link given) but they told me it would not work on a 99'. Only 2002 and newer.

I think my next move is to take it into a suspension place and have them do it right.

Thanks . . .

I dont use a spanner wrench on mine i just used a long screw driver and a hammer. If you have to hit it hard to move it then somethings wrong. You might also want to spray some wd-40 on it before trying to move it. If you plan on keeping the bike for awhile i would suggest having the suspension set up for you though.

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