Racing the mighty crf 450's

I went riding this weekend and when we finished we all lined up on some good ground and drag raced. I always thought the crf 450s were quite a bit faster than my 00 wr 400( its yz cam and ignition timed, with gutted exhaust and jd jetting.) To my suprise I won every time; even on rolling starts. It wasn't a long race either, probably only to 50 mph maybe 60mph. The crfs were an 02 and an 03 with good riders. My buddy has a yz 400, and he gets beat by em. I guess its just curiousity getting the best of me. Has anyone else gone up against the crf 450s and kicked butt. Each one of em had an excuse why I won too lol. I was under the impression that the 400 with the steel valves and lower redline was a little below the 426 and 450 so i was gonna get a big bore to keep up.

Maybe this was just some freakish set up or maybe my wr was just p*ssd off that day.

Cornering was a different issue tho. I was very far behind. ( anyone want to trade a yz tank setup for my wr one.

The magazines never truely appreciate the 5 valve Yamaha motor! We all know that they kick serious ass when it come to putting the power down and accelerating. Try an 04 YZ450! It absolutely rips! :banghead:

It's all about traction. What's power worth if you can't get it to the floor. :banghead:

It's all about traction. What's power worth if you can't get it to the floor. :banghead:

You got it, power to the ground is what's it's all about! I did some drag racing in a past life and wheel spin looks cool but sure doesn't win the race :banghead:

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