Who's getting an 06'?

I have my 2003 450f up for sale here in Mtn. Home, and intend on getting an 06 next year.

Just wondering if many people here are going for the 06.

When I was a kid starting out, I had a black and yellow yz so I have to go with the 50th anniversary 450F. :banghead:

So, who else is going to the 06?

I plan to step up to an '06 or maybe an '07. Trouble is it'll probably be '08 before I do. :banghead: I can never afford to buy new. :banghead:

I would love to get a new aluminum frame yz but same as yz_4_me, the moneys just not there lol.

I'm getting mine in December, wanted a yellow 450 but have to settle for a blue one since yellow is not available in Europe. Guess I have to buy a set of yellow plastics and OEM graphics (expensive :banghead: ), still won't have an all black seat. I'm really disappointed.

Does anyone know the planned Limited Edition production numbers?

Im gonna buy a blue one...no desire for the yellow. I have no idea exactly when the dealers will have them, nor do i want to put any money (i.e. deposit) in their dirty little hands until they do!

If I had my way about it (and the $) I'd be picking up a blue one as soon as it hit my dealer's floor.

If I had my way about it (and the $) I'd be picking up a blue one as soon as it hit my dealer's floor.

Ditto !

I will pick mine up as soon as the crate hits the ground from the delivery truck. I get the first one that hits the ground at my dealer.

if they ever arrive the people at yamaha dropped the ball on this as far as i am concernd at least give us some kind of firm date if i have to wait till december i will but to have every yamaha dealership not having any clue of the arrival date just makes me mad some salesman actually told me the bikes arrived at the port of vancouver and they turned them away (dont worry i dont belive the idiot) anyways i will b getting a 06 but to b honest ive been thinking elsewhere not every1 lives in cali and can ride in december nothing worse than a brand new bike u cant ride for 4 months

I'm getting my special edition yellow and black yzf 450 in 15 days. and the matching suit, what a dork.

I've got my 03 CRF on ebay now and my order for the 06 YZ450F SE in with motorcycle brokers International out of BC Canada. Should be in November....

Like a virgin on prom night....can't wait


#58 35 Plus

15 days huh...

i was gonna say something myself but u beat me 2 it i know people who are still waitting for there 250f but i hope u do get it in 15 days ive heard 15 days since august ill believe it when i see it

I've heard the first part of November, at least that's what the dealership here has told me. Hope they don't drag it out till next year! lol

I'm not gettin one, but whoever does better post some some reviews as to how good it is. I want one so bad!!!!!

I hope they are as good as they claim they are!!

I am getting one.

I've got money down on the se, my dealer says first of December and it's the only se that they are allocated. I need it bad too, my son's kx 250 is killing me.

I am I am I am :banghead:

i want one... time to see if i can come up with the funds.. :banghead:

My dad's CRF450R is so much better than my -03 YZ450F that I will have to ride the -06 before I commit to buying one. Right now I'm on track to get a leftover -05 Honda.

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