Dr. D vs. PMB Spark Arrester

I scored a great deal on a YZ450 pipe. I saw the recent thread on the Dr. D. S/A and quiet insert. Can anyone give me some insight to how it compares to the Pro Moto Billet set up. Will either pass the 96db sound test? I appreciate the help.

I scored a great deal on a YZ450 pipe. I saw the recent thread on the Dr. D. S/A and quiet insert. Can anyone give me some insight to how it compares to the Pro Moto Billet set up. Will either pass the 96db sound test? I appreciate the help.

This is an unfair comparison. Inserts for stock mufflers are not designed to compete with aftermarket exhaust systems. They are for riders who want to boost performance of their stock system without the expense involved in buying a complete system.

An insert costs between $40-50; an aftermarket system can cost hundreds of dollars. An insert gives a moderate boost in performance while maintaining the bike's overall characteristics; an aftermarket system can completely change the performance characteristics of a bike and should be matched to your riding style and preferences.

Most inserts are designed to meet the 96-98db tests. Not all aftermarket systems are. An insert will retain spark arrestor capabilities (if originally present) of the stock muffler. Some aftermarket systems have no spark arrestor.

Bottom line is that an insert is a cheap way to unleash some of the power choked off by the stock system, but it is no match for what a well-designed, properly matched aftermarket exhaust system can do.

I can't speak to the Dr D insert, but the PMB set up is top drawer. I, too, have a YZ can on my WR...it's lighter and really "woke up" the power. The quiet insert does get the bike down to about 96 db. It's quite a bit louder with out it. The insert has a noticable impact on power (less with the insert installed), but it's still quite a bit peppier than stock.

Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't looking to compare the Dr. D. to a full PMB system. I was interested in a comparison of the Dr. D. insert and spark arrester vs. the PMB insert and spark arrester. It sounds from the other reply that the PMB might be the way to go. I appreciate the feedback. :banghead:

Sorry for the confusion.

I blame it on your avatar. :banghead:

Out of curiosity, what is a stock 03 WR 450f's muffler's sound output in decibels? I had the baffle out and the thing gave me a headache even with my helmet on, so the baffle was put back in. I want to get an insert to increase the power some but still have the bike significantly quieter than with no baffle at all.

I can't tell you what the stock baffle sound level is, but I have the GYT-R insert in my '98 WR 400. I pasted the sound check at the CCC Color Tour at 89db, so stock would have to be much quieter.

Also, my son's stock '05 TTr125 was at 87db, which seems close to the stock WR insert.

tcmII, you're saying that your bike with the insert is 89db, and the TTr125 stock is 87db (close to the WR 450 stock), and the TTr125 is much quieter? Wouldn't 2 db not be that much different?

Not trying to give you a hard time, or anything, just trying to have a base line to compare some of the inserts I see online to get a sense for how much louder the inserts are compared to my stock and baffled WR 450 pipe.


i have a pmb insert to sell you cheap if you need one.

So what would be the advantage/disadvantage to taking out the stock insert?

When I bought my 02 it does not have any insert. I would think this would increase power and noise but it really does not seem to loud. Or is the stock WR pipe still pretty quiet without the insert?

My 03 WR450 is much much louder without the insert, but the bike has more get up and go with the less restricted airflow.

I have seen discussions of YZ450's with the PMB and quiet insert not passing the 96db sound check.

Unless they changed it, even on their website they call the QI for the 250 a 96db tip, but they just call the one for the 450 a quiet tip to lower the noise level.

I have it on my YZ and it definitely helps the noise level, but it's still pretty loud.

My impression of the PMB setup is that its made really nice and is worth the cash if you need/want an SA and the ability to lower the db's a little when you need to.

I'm not a sound expert, but as the db's go up the sound becomes more pronounced. I know I used a fancy word. :banghead:

The point is the difference in db change in something quite, say 50 dbs to 52 dbs is hardly noticable. The difference form 87 dbs to 89 dbs is noticable.

Also, I would say the the TTR doesn't really rev compared to the WR. If I ride the TTR without a helmet :banghead: It doesn't seem to get much louder, on the other hand the WR just keeps reving and getting louder.

Hey NevadaOutlaw, I sent you a PM regarding your PMB insert. thanks

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