2003 WR intake baffle


how do you take the baffle out of the intake. i took off the seat and looked around but dont know how to take it out. I heard its not a big deal to take out because its just for extreme weather conditions. i also would like to place a new jet kit on the bike because it runs lean what kind should i use.

Use Search Button

Use a big screw driver for the baffle.

Do all the other free mods (grey wire, throttle stop, etc...)

Get a JD jetting kit it comes with 2 needles and 4 main jets.

Also get a #48 pilot jet and a #50 pilot jet off the dealers.

You should get a Zip TY fuel mixture screw also.

These items are mandatory!!!!

Use the search function, there is a crap load of info on here. Hours of reading on what works and what doesn't. If you can't find, we will gladly help!

I just took out the airbox snorkel. I used a drill, chisel, and hammer. Lots of techniques I imagine to wrestle that sucker out of there. Mine went into many pieces, but it be gone.

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