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04 250X Hot Cam-Do I need to change gearing?

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I have a CA model and I have done all the CCC mods except for the R Cam. Many riders went back to the X cam (49 State) after running the R cam. Since I have a CA model I wanted to change the cam so I went with the Hot Cam Stage 1 for low and midrange power. I mostly ride single track and climb hills and the last thing I want to do is loose the smooth power delivery of the engine but I can stand a little more snap because of the CA cam. Question is, might I want to go up 1 or 2 teeth to take advantage of the new power the cam is going to give me or is the difference so slight it will not matter.

04 250X

Air box cut

Backfire screen out

Pink wire cut

‘Bills Racing pipe with header

Rejetted and I will rejet again for the new cam

It will probably be 160 Main, 42 Pilot and 70 Leakjet

Do you think I should change gearing?

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