Fork Boot Size?

My 95 XR600R has the stock fork boots that are purple, and I want to change to red. I have always had good luck with the the rubber type that you zip tie to the fork. Anyone know where I can get a replacement rubber boot in red and what size I need? The guy at my local Honda dealer says I need to take measurements and he can order one from the aftermarket. What should I measure? I will order one myself and pay less. :banghead:

Your help is greatly appreciated.

measure the forks.....pretty simple......also make a compressed and fully extended measurement.

43mm with 12 inches of travel.

43mm with 12 inches of travel.

Hey Don, do you have a good source where I can get a set? :banghead:

Dennis kirk has a set in red, part no.58-639. $24.99. give TT a call and try them first through.

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