Rekluse Ride Review

Place: Shenandoah Suzuki National Dual Sport in Virginia 10/2 & 3. The ride is 300 miles over 2-days. Bike is a 2004 WR450.

The Good: This ride is relatively easy with about 10-20 miles of optional "hero sections". It is mainly rocky, seldom used fire roads that circle up and down the mountains. Lots of high speed, 4th & 5th gear, hair pin turns. The terain was dusty, very loose gravel; traction was hard to find. This is where the clutch shined. Approaching the turns at about 20mph and down shift to 4th gear. Everything starts breaking loose, lots of carefull throttle control and very light use of the brakes. Coming out of the turn just required dialing on the throttle. The Rekluse feathered the clutch better than I could imagine. While the other guys I was riding with were trying to decide where and when to shift; I just clicked up into 5th and let the Rekluse do the rest and smoked their butts all day.

The Bad: Giving credit where it's do, I can't say enough about the Rekluse guys. I've been a fence sitter for a while and between you guys and Rekluse I got every one of my questions answered before making a purchase. However, the design of the perch adjuster needs much work. No matter where I moved the clutch lever the dust boot on the barrel adjuster rubbed the brake hose. I had to order a longer clutch cable to make it work and that probably compounded the problem. At the end of day 1 the rubber booty had a hole chaffed in it. With all the cables and wires we have behind the number plate I don't see where I have many options. What are you guys doing about this? Also, where the barrel adjuster fits into the cable on the lever side doesn't seem very secure. I dunno, as well as the clutch is designed I think they can do a better job with the perch adjuster.

All in all I am happy with the purchase and can't wait to ride a rock enduro. You guys have said this is really where the Rekluse shines!

You'll love it in the rocky sections. NO stalling!

Great review. I had one on my 04 WR450 and loved it. It's the only way to go.

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