Suspension settings for a 426?

I have a 2002 yz 426. I was just wondering if i could steal someones suspension settings off their bike. IM not that big of a jumper im just looking to make my bike handel well. I weigh around 160 pounds. Everything is stock (suspension wise) on my bike

on my 2000 model, the forks, the top adjusters are 2-3 clicks out from hard and on the rear 1 click out. this works for me on most type of ground and most jumps, im 70 kg and a B-grade rider. also muck round wit ur bar position n c wats the most comfortable. Dont forget to bleed ur fork air 2 :banghead:

This is the baseline that works for most:


Comp - 10

Rebound - 12


Low Speed comp (dial) - 10

Highspeed comp (nut) - 1 7/8

Rebound - 12

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