? cc's of Fork oil per leg?

I've got a 1995 XR6 that I just bought and I'm going through everything before I take it out for the first run. One of the fork seals was leaking and the boots were in bad shape so I tore the front end apart. I'm going back together with stuff now and was wondering how many cc'c of 5wt I should put in each leg after pulling them apart for the repairs. It is dual sported and will spend about 50% of the time on the street and 50% on the dirt. I weigh about 185 (w/gear on) and the times that I ride in the dirt will consist of moderatly fast trail riding. Any help/ideas on this subject is greatly appreciated

My manual doesn't give volume, it lists distance from the top of fork which is 130 to 100mm.

CC's arent used becouse it varies with how much oil is left in there from before.

Its measured from the top with the fork fully compressed and the springs out...

If you are using a lighter oil like 5wt then its worth remembering to adjust for the viscosity. I would go with 115 and see how it performs.

There is no magic number--it depends on your spring rates, tire pressure, riding style, terrain, speeds, etc.

Just dont go above or below the limits in the manual. 5 wt. is bit low weight and for that reason i wouldnt go to 130 or even 120 at first but really it depends on so much other stuff.

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