Couple of questoins

I found the bike I have been looking for and I am picking it up soon.

2000 WR 400 With Hotcams, GYTR Carbon ex, Scotts Steering stabelizer and a bunch of other stuff.

I had a couple of questions.

What should I look for when picking it up?

What are the first things should do when I get it home?

What can I do to help increase the bottom end power?

Has anyone gone with bigger Valves? Does Kipple White make them?

Has anyone ever used the Carbon Fiber airbox and did it help anything or just look really cool?

Does the 2000 WR400 have a high speed compression adjuster?

That should be enough questions for now.


First thing to do on that old bike is to check the valve clearances and shim to spec.

Jetting the old beasts were a nightmare. Search this forum for BK mods and jetting old posts from a few years ago.

Get an aftermarket FMF Powercore type pipe and Power now for more bottom end.

New valves like kibblewhite SS are a great idea an they do come oversize.

You will have to send the head out to have new seats cut and the head modified for the larger valves. You could always buy a replacement head complete from Yamaha

Dont think a carbon air box wil do much for you. :banghead:

Grease every bearing in the linkage and stering stem.

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