Four Strokes Only????

Anyone know what happened to Four Strokes Only? I placed an order with them about 5 weeks ago, nothing. I have been calling them for 3 weeks trying to get in touch with ANYONE. Nothing. I've placed the order elsewhere now. I just worried the guy will go off and fill the order in a week or two when he gets back from rehab, or wherever he went.

That guy does not want business.

When I first found the site I tried calling them for weeks and left messages, never got a return call. Finally he answered the phone, took my order and credit card info, but I never received anything or heard from him again. That was six months ago. Never charged my card either.


They came, they sucked, they faultered. Report him to the BBB.

I've tried numerous times to get a hold of them/ him, and realized if it's this tough to give them money how hard is it to receive their products?

I agree report to the bbb.

the BBB is a local deal. You could report him to his local chapter but I bet he didnt even have a business license.

Even more reason to report him Shawn. Running a biz w/out a license is a big no/no. Give them the link to the website too while you're at it as proof he was "trying" to run one. However, we could be looking into this way to much and he may be at the bottom of a river, who knows?

This is a bad sign. I placed an order about three weeks ago also and have heard nothing. I don't really know what the BBB will do for us. Damn.

hmmmm....i was gonna order sum shit from them 4 strokes only is a scam.....whoda thunk it.

Kinda funny, I forgot about this thread, and I called him up this morning, talked to him. He had what I wanted in stock and is shipping it today! :banghead:

Seemed like a nice guy to me :banghead:

He stocks way too much stuff to be running a bis without a license.

Youve gotta check his site for his business hours. He keeps some funky hours. Totally part time.


July 1, 2005 - Oct 30 2005

Monday Closed Closed

Tuesday 11am-3pm PST* OPEN

Wednesday 9am-3pm PST* OPEN

Thursday 10am-3pm PST* OPEN

Friday Closed Closed

Saturday Closed Closed

Sunday Closed Closed

If will call is needed hours of operation can

be flexable early am weekends etc

* PST - Pacific Standard Time - West Coast of The United States Of America Located in Southern California

nuttin bad to say about xr,s only .drove from huntington beach to their shop( high desert )on a Saturday ,and purchased everything i needed and more .drove home happy as hell . cant wait to go back with another pocket full of money !!!!!!!!!

took me awhile to get ahold of him to awhile back,but once I did he said he was behind in shiping stuff and that he would get it out when it all came in much to my surprise I got the stuff. I gues they dont move to fast where he comes from. seemed like a nice guy though.

I've had nothing but good experiences with Jerry @ 4strokes, super guy. Yeah he operates out of his garage- so what.

I ordered some passenger pegs for by 01 xr650r about 2 months ago. Still haven't received them and I've called and talked to somebody twice. Promised to send them out by I feel like I've been scammed. Watch out for these guys.

if I had a lot of trouble reaching a seller, just to place an order, I sure as hell would not order from him ... if he's slow to take money, how fast will he be to spend money ??

nuttin bad to say about xr,s only .drove from huntington beach to their shop( high desert )on a Saturday ,and purchased everything i needed and more .drove home happy as hell . cant wait to go back with another pocket full of money !!!!!!!!!

XR's only and Fourstrokes only are different places. Ive called XR's only a couple times and got hung up on. Like the mexican guy that answered the phone simply had to much of whatever to do that he couldtnt answer a question or talk to me at all...I emailed them once asking about a pipe for my 83 Xr500 because thier site shows a listing. My question was, is this in stock or do they have to build one up? I got a read reciept on the email, but no response.

I live in the area, and when I read that people were having trouble getting their parts, I drove down to check it out. Their shop is in a rundown complex, there was a broken down van blocking the entrance, trash everywhere, the door was bolted (their website said they'd be open) and it didn't look like anyone had been there for quite a while...

Spooky! I'm glad people are sharing this stuff. I'd hate to shell out the big dollars and sit for months waiting for my parts to arrive, if ever. It would sure be nice if the XR parts specialists were active on the boards, they would maybe be able to stay in business. I go to BansheeHQ a lot, and the parts and hop-up vendors there put time in on the boards and rake in the $$. Just seems like good business to me.

I've ordered from XRs only afew times ,there slow but every thing has come in. They do seem to be slow even in the way they talk to you on the phone. I always get alot of yeeesssss noooooo it's kind of commical.

i think they are scammer also waited 3 months and never recieved nothing and they charged my credit card ,never returned calls finally got credit card company to handle it they give me money back and thay took off after him,i dont recomend anyone to do business with them unless you can go there in person and get the stuff right then because you are close enough to go and kick his a$$ if he says he ordered it and then cant deliver after you had already paid.

just my 2 cents worth.

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