Talon hub question

Does Talon basically make one hub and just sell spacers and such to adapt to everyone's bike? Who sells the spacers if you are not the first owner of the hubs? Not much shows up in a Google search.

you buy the talon hub specific for your bike. comes in gold or silver.

so for the XR650R you would order the talon hub for the front or rear of the bike. usually they are around $275. white brothers catalogue has the info.

then you lace it up with rims, buy a disc or sprocket, and you are ready.

it works out to about:

$275 for the hub

$100 for the disc

$50 for the lacing

$100 for the rim

$40 for the spokes

$30 for the truing

you cant do it any cheaper unless you lace and true the wheel or you run used parts....not recommended. black rims are a bit more, 8 guage spokes are a bit more and might require some small drilling of the hub.

I have all the above--works great. If you get quotes for 'complete wheels' remember thats without the disc/sprocket....but the hub always includes the bearings. hope that helps.

Talons are worth the money.

Ive got a talon rear wheel for my 88 CR500...I was messin with it and found that if I knock the spacer out of the inside of the bearings, the axle hole is large enough to accomodate the axle on my 03 CRF450. The spacing is ok too. All Id really have to do is get the different rotor and its already got the correct pattern to bolt that too. But Ive already got two rears for the CRF and two for the CR.

If youve got a line on a cheap talon wheel, Id buy it.

I just bought a set of wheels for a XR400, Excel rims/Talon hubs. laced, and brand new tubes & dunlops (739's) for my XR650R. The front hub & spacers are the same for both bikes, but the rear requiers different spacers. I ordered the outer spacers from Scott's Performance, and for the inner aluminum spacer, I bored it out to fit the larger diameter of the 650's axle.

The new black rims & silver hubs look awsome on the 650!

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