Has anyone heard abought the grey wire?

yah,the greywire works great.but there hard to get. i had to special order mine.i should be getting it soon. i also ordered a ashtray that mounts to my handlebars.

let me translate

look back at the posts for the last 4 months. information on the grey wire is scattered everywhere.


Better yet, I put a FireWire connection where my grey wire was....blazing speed now. hehehehe

Just Cut it and go ride..... :)



Uh...what's this so-called "gray wire"? I think it's just a ThumperTalk urban legend. I mean, does it really even exist? Someone call Leonard Nimoy. You know, from "In SEARCH Of"... :)

I assume it changes the ignition to where it will advance more, and achieve more R's?

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