Fuel Injected

When do you think Yamaha or the other jap manufactors are gona make fuel injected dirt bikes?

I'm just curios and I believe 2008 or 2009 models are gonna come with this technology.

What do you think?

2007 Yamaha!

man I just want the 06 to come out :banghead: .....FI is cool maybe in 07 or 08..see if anyone has it at the Jap Nationals

well the 700 raptor is the first yamaha dirt bike to go production with EFI. Looks very similar to something out of an early 90s Speed Density car system.

My guess is that bike is the test market for EFI on the offroad production line.

i dont understand why they havent switched over to it yet. does it weigh more or something? because it seems as far as adjustability and versatility goes, efi is where its at. on streetbikes, carbs were mostly gone 6-7 years ago.

then again, if a nuclear holocaust hits...my thumper will still be working :banghead:

Just like anything else, eventually it will be much better than carbed. The first version or two might have some hickups, then they'll get it right and no one will look back!

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