Chain and Sprockets for 01 yz426f

Iam in need of a need sprocket and chain stock gearing 14-49,,,,,what do u guys recomend (brands) I also need a chain i was thinking a DlD o-ring chain 120 link,,, how does that sound..... :banghead:

Ironman sprockets 14-52 Regina O ring chain. Awesome combo ! !

I like Regina also. DID is very good too, I used to hate the master link they came w/ but the last one I saw was much improved and easier to deal w/. I'd say you can't go wrong w/ either.

If you can, you should replace both sprockets and the chain as a matched set, you will get many many more hours out of all three components if you do this. Having said that, it has been my experience that a Sunstar or Renthal Al rear sprocket will wear the same as a steel counter (more stress placed on the latter). I ran a stainless rear sprocket and it didn't seem to last much longer than an Al, because once the chain stretches that is when the sprockets get hooked. So my opinion is the high dollar SS (or combo-metal) rear sprockets aren't worth it, but a Sunstar is economical and light.

My two cents.


Thats the kinda advise I was looking for...thank u much for input, any place to buy the sunstar sprockets at a good price?

No, I've been getting all my non-OEM gear/parts locally for quite a while, sorry.

You may do a search here for recommendations of mail-order businesses...

is 112 link chain the right size?

I just ordered some Ironman sprockets (14-49) for my 01 426 from I ordered the set with the Regina O-ring but he said it was on backorder for 1.5/2 weeks. By searching around i see many people happy with this setup but now i need to order a regina somewhere else tonight. Pretty pricey also.

The Ironman's are not inexpensive, but they are light and will last, plus you get the one year replacement warranty (wear them out in a year and they are replaced free; front & rear). I've run them for a couple years now and am very happy with them. :banghead:

Im happy with the Sprocket Specialist - Titan Tough.

I have an RK X-ring on as well. Been using it for 2 seasons now and wear is minimal. I do scrub the chain after every ride though.

is 112 link chain the right size?

I believe its 114.

Show me another company that gives you a one year warranty on there sprockets???

You can get the renthal kits from very cheap and free shippig with $100 or more purchase.

thank u yak!

Thanks for all your help, i bought a moose o-ring chain and sunstar rear sprocket ,and ft sproket, from DIRTY STREET MOTOR SPORTS for a great price!,,,,,,

Show me another company that gives you a one year warranty on there sprockets???

If you are charging three times what the sprocket is worth, then it is easy to offer a warranty. I'd ask for a kiss, or a reach-around, while I was getting @$%*ed.

Folks like these hard steel sprockets because they are so hard that they will not show much wear even when being used with a worn, elongated chain.

Problem is, when the chain does start to elongate past safe running specifications, the hard sprocket that does not give, will accelerate the demise of the chain and the front sprocket. (the pitches simply don't match at this point folks)

If you use a clear head and think about this...a stretched chain IS what deforms the teeth on the sprockets (as Hick has mentioned..btw he obviously gets it). When we use a sprocket so hard that it hides this growth...we are running a high performance, high torque machine with a very unsafe drive.

And with some of you who do not lube your chains, or measure them as a regular maintenance item, this could be a very dangerous situation.

I guess some folks like the prospect of being wadded up at the bottom of a nasty double because they have a warranty to protect them.

But boy...that hard steel rear sprocket sure lasts and lasts... (lol...sheesh) :banghead:

But, if you DO perform regular chain/sprocket maintenance...and do it properly, then running a hard steel sprocket is not a bad idea....just paying three times what the sprocket is worth, and knowing that a much cheaper aluminum sprocket will do the job quite nicely, is what is ignorant.

One more piece of advice...always buy your chains longer than you need. Purchace an inexpensive chain breaker and make the chain the length you need. Ask the guy who ordered his chain, waited three weeks for it, and found out that it was one reel short. They guy you bought the chain from will be glad to sell you another one.

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