how do i hook up a headlight???01WR426

here is my story.. i had a 99' YZ400F. motor blew.. i came across a fresh rebuilt 01WR426 for 700$. put it in. i ride the dunes a lot so i would like to take advantage of having a headlight. i do not see where any wires come out of the ignition to where i would hook up a light. i know i need to get the switch. but where would the headlight plug into for power??? any help would be appreciated. thanks guys

The stator has 2 coils- one for ignition and one for lighting. One of the wires coming out of the ignition cover is the lighting power wire. Sitting at my desk at work, I don't remember which color wire it is but yellow sticks out in my mind for some reason. If nobody can tell you the right color wire, with the bike running, use a multimeter set on AC voltage to see which wire it is. The lighting coil is grounded to the frame so to tie in a headlight, one wire from a light goes to the frame and the other is connected to the wire coming from the stator. You will also need to get an AC voltage regulator to keep from blowing bulbs. The regulator mounts to a grounded part of the frame and the AC wire from the stator connects to it in parallel with the lights.

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