Keihin 41mm FCR carb for XR 600

Sudco Int. sells a Keihin 41mm FCR carb kit for the XR 600.

Does anyone have any experience with this carb on a 600?

Any feedback pro or con with this carb?


I owned one on my old xr 600r Supermoto

not the MX version but the older one..

needle: OCEMR

pilot : 45

Main jet: 145

anyway a little rich..

good carburetor.. no hesitation... good performance..

48,5 hp on 644 cc, hotcams, ported head, k&n filter, hi flo headers and leovince "open" exhaust.

I have this carb on my 650L, love it!

Check eBay they show up there from time to time


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