Opinions on Xmas goodies

Thumper Gods:

I ride an 04 WR450F (free modes, White Bros E2 pipe, rekluse clutch, Scotts stablilizer) in the Pacific Northwest on tight rocky hilly technical stuff. (Way too old for Motocross).

Anyway, I love how the bike is setup and it really makes me ride better. However, I am considering a few upgrades and wanted to get your opinions.

- Was thinking about getting an Oversized front brake rotor to help with descending rocky hills. Any recs on best brand? Does an oversized rotor really help? I use a Roster front disc protector and am wondering if the the guard wont help because the bigger rotor might be larger than the guard.

- Second upgrade: New tires. The rocks have really chewed up my rear tire in less than 6 months. I have heard good things about Maxxis but dont know much about tires. What is the best brand/type for tight muddy rocky hill climb stuff.

Thanks for your time and opinions. Steve

Keep in mind that if you go with an oversized rotor, you'll also have to relocate and/or replace your brake caliper as well to handle the larger diameter rotor...SC

I just had a birthday and received a tall seat which really isn't much taller but soo nice on the butt and the rotating foot pegs that after my second ride (sixteen hours) I've come to appreciate and think it was money well spent. I know Indy thinks they're dumb but I like them. :banghead:

My buddy NCMountainman swears by the rotating Powerpegz. :banghead:

I just keep my IMS pro series sharp enough to tear off Mike Metzgar's last testicle! :banghead:

WHat brand of seat, drewpeacock?

Steve, what rear tire are you using?

Many in the Pac NW love the s-12 rear.

I didn't see a skid plate on your list......it would make a great stocking stuffer :banghead:

WHat brand of seat, drewpeacock?

Guts and Enduro Engineering make them for the WR. The Wifey bought me the SDG tall seat. :banghead: Problem was it was for the YZ. I just switched it over to my WR seat base and it's as good as new and I guess we saved a few bucks. Good Luck, Brock

Howdy guys not new here but been awol for awhile. Anyway since you mentioned skid plates who makes a good one for the WR?

I have an 02 426, any help would be great.

BTW I love the s-12 here in NV also.

Good ideas. Sorry I left the list somewhat incomplete of my bike in case my girlfriend finds out how much I have actually blown on the bike.

I also use Flat land Radiator guards and carbon skid plate. Also have flat land skid plate but the carbon is doing pretty well.

Thanks for all the input,


Ooh, I know! You need a Rooster Performance ISDE Jacket. They ROCK! (Cheap too.)

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