Rides with CRF450 forks on their XRs

For guys who have done the conversion, I would like their impressions how the bike handles with the CRF forks of OFFROAD/TRAILRIDING only use, not supermoto or road use.

I imagine the bikes feels a lot tighter offroad with CRF forks, but would like your thoughts.

Scott Summer's changed his CRF back to conventional forks when he came back into racing. For the woods you can't beat old school plush. For the MX track, if you want to take the pig there for a spin, I'm sure the CRF forks would benefit you.

where would i be able to get these CRF forks and how much are they

I was looking at the prices for parts on bike bandits and they are charging the same as retail or what dealers will sell them for. I would use service honda website and get a decent break the price.

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