05 WR450 popping all mods are done???

i have done all the free mods

ais removal

jd jet kit

white brothers e2

the bike runs perfect no bog at all anywhere

you can crab hand fulls of throttle at idle no problem

3rd position



70 starter

stock leak

1.25 turns

when you are goin down hill at the middle of the bikes rpm range and the throttle is closed as soon as you crack open the throttle i get a pop but then you can accelerate through it

i have tried go with a bigger main 170 and a bigger pilot 50 and i still have the problem

what could this be the hot start is closed all the way the intake boot is in perfect condition

what is wrong with my bike????

Is your ACV working? I'm no expert, but I believe it is designed (at least) to stop popping on deceleration. But, it sounds like you're not getting the popping on deceleration, you're gettnig it on the throttle input after deceleration. MAybe the 2 are related? Just a thought. I'm sure an expert will chime in here and educate us both!

Put the JD red needle in clip #5 , leave the 48 pilot alone. 165 to 170 main is OK. 2 turns on the fuel screw. :banghead:

alright indy ill go try the red 5 right now

My bike likes the 170 over the 168 (even though the main jet is not your problem), the 48 pilot is spot-on. My air screw is right at 2 out, yours is in too much and my needle is in the 4th position. You said you did all the free mods, make sure the grey wire is done.

This has got to be an air screw deal...

alright i just checked the clip position and it was in the 5th i also went up to the 170 and i am am now 2 turns out it still pops


the grey wire has been cut

Do you have the quite insert in your pipe? What about your spark plug? :banghead:

Man, I want to say needle pos.... Only because it isn't happening during decel, it's happening on throttle after decel, right? Don't change the 170 or the 48... :banghead:

i just put in the insert and it is a little better but still pops the spark plug looks fine should i throw a new one in just to be safe?

i will be decelerating and then as soon as i crack the throttle a hair pop pop but then i can accelerate through it

and its only in high rpm range

i would rather run the bike with the insert out should i be jetting different

Have you tried the blue needle? What elevation are you running at?

0 4000 feet

given your altitude, I would go back to the blue needle. The problem is your lean a little on your high end. I would definitely go to a 170 main and at least 1-3/4 to 2 turns on the fuel screw. If it only pops occasionally don't worry about it.

what position would you recomend on the blue needle

should i be jetted defferent for the silent insert out?

i ride the bike mostly on the street right now with 17s and i like the extra noise so cars can hear me coming

I would go back to JD's recomendations on the instructions. I think it is blue on the third position. If you are not running the insert I would say you would need to richen it up a bit to compensate,but I have read in other posts that some have notice no difference with the insert out. Check the jetting sticky at the top of this forum and try to work from there. Good luck.

the bike seems more responsive with it out on the street ill try goin back to the jd instructions

i had those numbers in the bike before but i neded up going off of the sticky at the top

I am using forth clip position myself but unfortunatly there are a lot of factors like humidiy ,altitude and such that make fine tuning your bike a geographic thing, you just need to do like you are now and listen to what the bike is telling you it needs.

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