Any problems w/ RaceTech tools?

Has anyone had any issues with Race Techs front fork bleed tool (TFOL 01) for $45? When I use this it constantly sticks when it is pulled out all the way to suck up fluid. I don't slam it out, I just pull it out slow and steady. Then when I go to discharge the fluid out it jerks and it spills everywhere. I even unscrewed the top and greased it inside but still the same problem.

I guess I'm so frustrated because I also bought the fork seal driver for $70 and someone dropped it before I ever opened it and made a ding on the front of it where you drive the seal into the fork. I haven't called Race Tech yet because I seriously doubt they would believe me which is why I am posing the question to you all.

Thanks for the feedback!

I can't really comment on their tools, but I'm in the middle of a situation with RaceTech myself. I ordered new fork springs for my WR 2 months ago, and they sent me YZ springs. I returned them and they promptly told me the WR's were backordered. I've since received 3 different dates for when I can expect them to be available. The next is on the the 14th so we'll see. I'm less than hopeful :lol::banghead::banghead: ...SC

Well, I'm really bummed that I'm the only person that this happed too or that cares to fess up.

There have to be others that have this tool...ANYBODY with feedback would be much appreciated?

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