WR 400 Advice

Hi, i have asked my local dealer if i could get a dual sport kit for my WR 400 and if it would be good to drive on the road( I would drive maybe 6 times a week for about 30 60 minutes at a time on the road). He said no way, not a good idea and id not sy anything else.

Is it a real bad bike to drive on the street? I am not look for comfort, i just want something to drive. Please tell me what you think of it on the street.

Some of the TTers ride their WRs on the road a fair amount and have no problems. I think the issue the dealer was not mentioning is that relative to street bikes, the oil capacity on the WRs is much less. Oil changes on these are already a frequent event, most suggesting every 300 miles or so. Therefore, unless you are willing to be a very regualr oil changer as you rack up road miles there are probably better street bikes to serve the need. With that being said, I think this is a very worth and reliable steed, espcially when in the dirt.

And maybe that they don,t have a cush drive and the seat is like a plank of wood, but yeah as Kirkw says they are awesome offroad and as you don,t sit down much whilst trail bashing as comfy as it gets :-)

I have ridden on the road. Its fine, :lol: Keep up on maintenance and get the correct tires :banghead: and I wouldn't take it over 60 for too long. :banghead: No freeway.

i oner of wr426 01' for 8 months and i riding it just off-road :

1. the insurance in Israel is extremely hight (1K$ for a year and average income of 1.5K$).

2. the bike is not comfort, especially in long range-it has hard seat.

3. the maintenance is not cheep: oil,filters,inspections and cost of brake-off parts.

4. the bike is designed mostly for off-road riding.

naturally you will get different answers for the issue

do you own consideration before you buy.

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