I need some imput guys

Hello everyone. I currently own a 1999 wr400 and am selling it tomorrow. Im picking up a 2005 or 2006 (which ever is available) .

Well heres the deal I was very well read when I bought my 400 and I knew exactly what I was getting into, since this purchase I have been out of the magazine/forums/talks circle So It is hard to get good advice from the guy selling them.

I have managed to do a little back reading and I am trying to figure out a few things..I would love the imput. Im sure you guys get sick of the same questions but it was hard to part with my bike ..

1) is there anything I will miss about my bike? That I wont get from the new one?

2) Is the new bike really that much better?

3) has the yamaha takin any of the punch out in order to make it more "trail freindly" ?

any imput would be good guys... thanks..

I have said this before and I am sure that I will get some feed back just like I always do but.............. I still think my 400 hits harder or revs faster than my 450. All the mods are the same with the exception of the exhaust, I run a FMF Q on my 450 vs White Bros E-series on my 400 (too loud). Anyway, off the line the 400 is quicker to 30 mph, it also has a tendancy to rip my arms off a little more often.

Having said all of that, my 450 feels lighter and I am much more at home on the trail or the race course while I am on my 450. The piece of :banghead: Titanium valves in the 450 seem to require more maintenance and oil changes used to be a lot easier and faster on the 400. (You can change the oil filter on the 450 without removing the head pipe :banghead: ) All of this is offset however when you consider how much easier it is to access the airfilter on the 450. I love my 450 but have been dissapointed with starter issues, I just ordered a new starter motor :lol:

I am as equally happy with my 450 as I was with my 400, it eats up the orange bikes and has been reliable to boot. I don't think you'll be disappointed at all, just read up on all the free mods and get ready to knock em out before you even go on your first ride :lol:

Good Luck :lol:

50 views and one reply. gee thanks. SJMC, thanks for the imput for some reason I guessed this was the case.. bummer. Change is good though. See I love the way my WR400 would try to rip out from under me, not to mention it is a wheelie king. But I do need something that will help me on narrow michigan trails. The WR400 was my first bike, but a buddy couldnt afford a new bike so i sold it to him for a song...thanks for the imput...

i love my 400, i dont think i would even swap it for a 450. dunno but for me (weekend warrior) i wouldnt really notice too much of a difference. the bike has more than enough power and handling for me as it is. for those of you who are more advanced riders then of course, upgrading is the logical choice

if youve put lots of money / upgrades on your 400, i would have kept it

but its all about your opinion

the auto decomp and e-start is good

the carby has been upgraded/tweaked to get rid of the slide breakage problem

thumb hot start

with the titanium valves, if u want u can go back to stainless (kibblewhite)


Phil, I've owned 4 WRs... 98,01,03 and now my 05... The 06 is MILES better than the first WRs produced.. In 05 the WR became a better trail bike, lower CGs and a lower seat height. They are light, have electric start and auto decompression.. The ergos are sweet!! The first few WRs were considered to be top-heavy and fat with pretty good suspension, now some magazines have rated it number one over anything in its class.. They are still blue but they've changed big time... Do yourself a favor, buy the 06... You deserve it!!!! :banghead:

Man this is the kind of responses I was lookin for.. I set up my 400 at yz specs after 3 years, I never did much other than that. But I will tell you this.( Knock on wood) I never had to repair ,replace or dedo anything on the bike unless I laid it down , radiator, handlebars.

I am sick to my stomach selling it but it is the only way I can justify buying the 06..due to the fact that I just bought a cr250.. Oh well someday I will be rich and have a garage of vintage bikes and there will be room for a 99 WR.hehe

Any one ever lookin for a trail partner let me know. me and my buddys love to find new trails..

If you end up missing the "hit" that you 400 had vs the new WR450, all you have to do is put the YZ450 cam in (with proper jetting) and she'll be back to trying to rip you arms off. :banghead:

oh ok... I got ya . Thats what I like, the feeling of nearly being riped of the damn thing, less time to think, kinda like when im climbing a rutted, rootie, up hill portion where my mind tells me im gonna crash and I just goose it and somehow i come out on top with maybe only some tree scraped knuckles. I wasnt sure if the YZ settings would correct this..

I saw a new 05 at Action Cycle in Manitowoc Wisconsin yesterday if you have trouble finding one in your area.

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