Flywheel Weight Advice Please

I am going to do the Flywheel weight thing within the next two weekends. I spoke with the folks at on Friday. They told me the biggest weight they installed was an 8oz because of the clearance problem. Who else does the flywheel weight inatall with the 10oz weight. If I send it out to someone I don't want to wait for two weeks to get it back....Tha's the only advantage with Aloop as they will get it back in two days ready to be reinstalled for the weekend.

I have a 6 ounce from Works Racing Development(WRD), don't exactly know how big they'll go. Have you checked with Steahly yet? phone #800 800 2363. There's also Terrycable who make several sizes. I know the smaller weights are all fairly simple bolt on applications and I believe Terrycable might have a 10 ounce bolt on.........TW


99 WR400




I've got a Terry cable 14oz, on my YZ. Had to drill and tap some new threads for the bolts, wasn't really a problem.



YZ426 01 (Dirty race bike)

WR426 01 (Clean road bike)

Bonzai, the WR already some weight on the flywheel. Why do you want more weight???

10 or 12 oz. weights available from Zip-Ty Racing. Both are bolt on to existing flywheel

and space case out with a 1/4" spacer that is supplied. Simple install if you have a drill press and the correct drill bit and tap is supplied with the kit. Adding this weight will give your bike substantially more rideable bottom end(lug-ability) and cures the lug/stall problem. I installed the 12 oz. weight and returned my counter sprocket to the 14T. Now I have 5 very usable gears in tight technical trails. :)

David, You of all people should understand why I want to add weight to Big Blue....Hell one stall riding with you, Steve, Clint and the other Mad Bombers means a 20 minute Super Hold On just to catch up again. :D If I can do something to keep from stalling when some rocket scientist decides to stop in the middle of a curve or up a rutted hill....I'm on it. Some day's I have to ride twice as hard because of all the stalls..

Thanks BT for the advice... I'll look into it.

Bonzai...... :)

Bonzai, stop stalling! Just kidding. Call Aloop or Stealthy & ask wihich weight will be best for your bike & your riding style..You may not be happy with the incorrect weight. Hope to see y'all Saturday.

i have a 10oz stealy fitted and as i suspected it's just about spot on. with the YZ timing i think i would hava a 12oz next time though.


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