Trade Rekluse for Edelbrock

Thought I would post here before selling the clutch on ebay. Its in pristine condition with all parts and instructions plus the optional $95.00 clutch perch adjuster. I would like to trade for an edelbrock or buy a used one?

Doug (248) 391-2974

Why are you getting rid of the Rekluse?

I was using the XR for tight singletrack and the clutch was really useful for that. Now I have a CRF for singletrack and just use the XR for road and some dualsport. There's much less benefit to the auto clutch on pavement and I need the money for a new carb. It works perfect as advertised and I already have one on the CRF too.

will it fit 06 crf450r?

The XR clutch is different than the CRF. I also have an 02 CRF for sale with a Revloc clutch (has 03 rubber dampers). Call Revloc to see if it will fit yours and make me an offer. The CRF is for sale, but people seem to want that $1000 clutch thrown in for free.

I would need a complete clutch swap so I can sell mine because the Revloc comes with a billet basket. The CRF loves an auto clutch for woods riding.

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