05 WR 450 pipe

I plan on getting a new pipe, who makes the most usuable power? I am keeping my stock pipe for quiet riding conditions.

I plan on getting a new pipe, who makes the most usuable power? I am keeping my stock pipe for quiet riding conditions.

Pretty much everyone makes a better pipe..

You might try a larger exhaust insert before you buy a new pipe. The gains are supposed to be decent and reasonably priced (under $60). Then you can just swap out the baffle for quiet riding conditions (I give you thumbs up for the quiet riding!)

You can buy quiet aftermarket pipes. Most of these can easily be converted from "quiet" to "race ready" simply by removing an insert.

If you go that route, you could sell me your stock pipe. :banghead:

Take out the stock insert & cut the tube off flush with the back of the mounting plate where it bolts on to the spark arrestor, drill out the rivets & knock out the inner tube in the outer pipe. Bolt it back on & put the rear cone back on. Still quiet & runs much better with no money spent!! I am betting those expensive inserts are marginally better if that!

I have an 05 with a Yoshimura Carbon Fiber silencer mated to a FMF Titanium Mega Bomb head pipe. It is louder then the opened up stock pipe, but the power......... o my god! BOOM! :banghead:

Hey WR TOM, did you take out the whole baffles to just leave a big chamber between where the header pipe enters the muffler and the rear where the tail pipe bolts on or did you leave some part of the baffles in? I have removed the complete rear baffle which had two small pipes through it and was wondering if anyone had tried taking the front baffle out (which has one pipe through it). With the mod so far my bike isn't very loud and I have about a 42mm tail pipe as well. I have been told to connect the header pipe to the tail pipe with perforated pipe and pack the chamber with packing. This is supposed to gain quite a bit on leaving the chamber empty.

No I did not take out the whole baffle, just cut off the front of it & knocked out the insert in the rear tube.

I have removed the last baffle(with the two tubes) and I used a hole saw to open the first baffle, made the bike allot louder so I closed one of the holes. Also, I too cut the pipe on the insert off at the flange.

I have a procircuit Ti GP system on mine.

Procircuit know how to make power. No shortcuts, just power.

I highly recommend it, but it is loud.

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