I'm buying a used '05 WR 450, Please Help!

I found a used '05 WR 450 in Cycle Trader and talked the guy into $5,000 (Honestly, because it's all I have). Supposedly, it's in excellent condition, and the guy seems trustworthy, but I've only talked to him on the phone. There aren't too many ads out there for these bikes, so it's hard to guage the value. Am I getting a good deal, or should I keep looking? Please help fast, the deal is going down soon!

Kelly Blue Book does off-road too!


scroll down and ther is a motorcycle link.

It depends where you live, what on the bike and how many miles ofcourse, but they say $4980.00 for 05.

5K seems like a good deal if it was taken care of. Remember the extras, I've already put $1500 in extras and paid 6700 otd less then a year ago.

Low ball anyway and see what they say, $4000 :banghead:

06 with plate and all of the fees of the plate as well as the install pushed it to 8 k OTD

I paid $4400 for an 04 a few weeks ago.

It only had 300 miles on it and already had lots of extras. guards,cam,skidplates, etc...

Check NADA.com for a more accurate value. It is usually a little more pesimistic (spelling?) than KBB. :banghead:

Thank you all for the quick replies. I checked nada.com and they only go to '04, but I confirmed kbb.com at $4,890, maybe transposed numbers? That's for retail and it's been my experience that you can usually expect retail to be higher than private party, does that seem true to you all? Either way, it seems $5,000 might be a bit high. However, the few other ads I did see for an '05 were all higher than $5,000. :banghead: Tough to make a choice now. Any more input is greatly appreciated.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention :banghead: is that there is a transferable extended warranty through '06 I believe, which could be worth something. I'm still trying to find out exactly which mods have been done. All input appreciated.

Sounds like a decent price to me...

Thanks, I'm leaning that way too. It's just that it's a lot of cash, so I want to be sure.

Just bought an 05 with 13 miles on it for $5,000 about a month ago. I would doubt you would do much better than that. Depends on how many miles it has also. Good luck, they are a great bike!!

$5000 is pretty good, I searched for several weeks in my area, and bought a like new 05 wr450 for $4800 last week.

Alright, thanks guys, I think I'm gonna go ahead with it. Then I'll be back on here looking for some good trails to ride in SoCal. :banghead:

well BDUB sounds like you got it all figured out be sure to post a pic when you bring her home. :lol::lol::lol::busted::banghead::banghead::busted:

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